The power of a website is invisible

Beyond any captivating design lies the equally vital aspect of develop­ment. Seam­less func­tionality and optimal performance are the backbone of any remark­able website.

My passion for combining excep­tional design with cut­ting-edge develop­ment ensures your online presence wields true power, making a lasting impact on your audience. Discover the hidden potential of your website with me.


Websites, developed and/or designed to convert

All designs to Webflow…

I convert all your Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision Studio, Photoshop, etc designs into a responsive Webflow website.

Convert your current website to Webflow…

Migrate your existing website - from any platform such as WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap, Elementor, etc - to a Webflow website.

Pixel perfect and responsive web design…

I develop and design unique and converting websites that look good on any screen size and that are distinctive.

Weflow support and advice…

Need help with your Webflow project or want advice? Contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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Recent projects

Below is a selection* of my most recent assignments.

* Excluding NDA and white-label assignments. | Webflow development
// development + design


Design + development. Finsweet Client-First + Attributes. | Webflow development
// development + design

Sterrengala Haarlem 2023

Clean and clear website. Made with Client-First V2. | Webflow development
// development + design

Design Intercom

Clean and clear website. Made with Client-First V2. | Webflow development
// development + design

WordPress naar Webflow

A two-pager for WordPress > Webflow. Made with Client-First V2. | Webflow development
// development + design

LEVEN! Magazine

Webflow CMS website for Haarlem's glossy LEVEN! Magazine. Finsweet Attributes used. | Webflow development
// development + design

EVI Bewind

Webflow website with interactions and custom code for EVI Bewind in Haarlem. | Webflow development
// development + design


Webflow CMS website + webshop powered by FOXY voor een kruiden­elixer fabrikant. | Webflow development
// development + design

AB Autoverhuur

Webflow CMS website in combination with Airtable and Zapier. Custom coded order form. | Webflow development
// development + design

Vera de Backker

Webflow CMS + webshop powered by FOXY. Easy to manage by the customer himself. | Webflow development
// development + design

THT Diner

Static Webflow website with interactions for THT Diner in Haarlem. | Webflow development
// development + design

Huib van den Broek

Static Webflow website for illustrator Huib van den Broek from Heemstede. | Webflow development
// development + design

No lemons, please!

Webflow + custom coded website for the nicest home accessories store in Santpoort | Webflow development
// development + design

Vakantiehuis Kroatië

One pager Webflow website. Static website + custom code. | Webflow development
// development + design

Stage Content

Webflow website with interactions in combination with custom written code for Stage Content. | Webflow development
// development + design

Mariska Meulman Osteopathie

Webflow CMS website in combination with blog functionality. Finsweet Attributes used.

// development + design

Mijn eigen website 😉. One pager met 3D interactions en custom code. Multi-language by Weglot.


🧑🏼‍💻 Hi, I'm Maarten

Am I a designer with developer skills or a developer with design skills? Frankly, I'm both.
Customers appreciate this, because it assures them of a good and tasteful design... and a website that meets all technical requirements. Such as semantic HTML, compressed and color corrected images, structured layout, correct use of typography, SEO capable pages, WCAG guidelines, etc.
I am an experienced and passionate developer / designer who is committed to helping your company move forward online.
I like to get in touch with companies that need pixel perfect websites. From design and development to delivery.
With a happy 😊
let's meet


Since 2018 I only work with Webflow. Webflow is a modern platform to build your website completely professional and custom.


Client-First is a set of guidelines and strategies to help me build Webflow websites.

Finsweet Attributes

Attributes is a powerful No-code solution for adding advanced functionality to Webflow websites.


The future of coding is no coding at all.”
- Chris Wanstrath, CEO GitHub.
That says enough I think.

Adobe Creative Cloud

I have been working since the end of the last millennium.
As a customer of, we can report that we have worked with him to the fullest satisfaction. A very creative, and well-trained developer with a flexible attitude. All our web projects have become beautiful and converting end products.
René Vendeville
It was a real pleasure to work with Our company needed a rebranding of the website. He amazed us with the designs delivered. The end result exceeded our expectations. The quality of his work is high.
Maarten completed the job within the stipulated time. He also did not shy away from other ideas and possibilities. Some words that come to mind are: reliable, flexible, creative, and very responsive. I highly recommend everyone to work with him!
Sandra van Driel
EVI Bewind en financieel support
Maarten designed and built the website in Webflow. The contact with Maarten is pleasant. He is enthusiastic and driven, both in the process and in achieving a good result. Maarten pays attention to details and ensures that everything works as intended. Reliable and helpful
Alexander van den Berg
Academie voor Integrale Coaching en Therapie

Good to know…

What does a Webflow project cost?

Prices vary depending on the project. These are based on the size of the project and the services you choose. Send me an e-mail or message and I will give you a price for your project.

Can you help me with Webflow templates?

In some cases - if you're on a tight budget or short on time and still want to get your website up and running - a template may be your best option. Feel free to ask for template adjustments.

Do you also offer website design?

Yes, I design websites, but because I primarily focus on Webflow, I only offer this in combination with Webflow development.

Help, my Webflow build is broken

Yes, I help fix Webflow websites, but in some cases - if the developed structure is bad and inconsistent - it may be necessary to rebuild your entire Webflow page or project.

What does the development process look like?
  • A new Style Guide is created for each new project. This page is to maintain consistency in the build and to make it easier to make interim adjustments during development.
  • Image compression for a fast page load time and any color corrections are done by default.
  • Development starts.
  • Minimal interactions and animations are applied to improve the user experience.
  • The site is delivered responsive, so that it displays correctly on different devices, from phones and tablets to desktops.
  • SEO and page speed optimization are performed to ensure that the site stands out from the competition.
  • Testing is done on multiple devices such as mobile phones (iOS and Android), tablets, and computers.
  • The Webflow website is ready to be published.
How long does it take to develop a Webflow website?

The time frame of the project depends a lot on the size of the project and services you choose, and how the communication and feedback for the work goes, but on average a 5-page Webflow website takes 12 business days.

In urgent cases, there is a possibility of fast delivery at an additional cost on the main project, depending on the size of the project and the deadline of course.

Want to know more? Send an email to

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